Advising, assisting crossborder European journalism teams

Investigate Europe

Investigate Europe is a team of nine experienced journalists from eight European countries who research as a multinational team. They share, merge and crosscheck facts – tackling the usual national bias. They point out responsible transnational structures and actors in issues of European-wide relevance to make it possible to hold those in power accountable.

The formal relationship between team members and is that of granteeships, the findings of the team are published with their media partners. neither is involved nor responsible in editorial decision making, these decisions lie with the team and the publishers.

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European Investigative Collaborations

The was initiated by German Der Spiegel in 2016 as a European network for crossborder journalism, the network includes legacy media such as Der Spiegel/Germany, Politiken/Denmark and El Mundo/Spain, new media such as Mediapart/France but also investigative projects such as For journalists from the lower income countries, the Adessium Foundation supports the network. assists with the financial side of that Adessium grant. Fundraising and narrative reporting is carried out by the team members.

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