FCC – Land of plenty, land of but a few

homepage w title for facebook banner ENG“Land of plenty, land of but a few” is a web documentary and a data journalism investigation that tells the story of how the peasants who live in the Nacala Corridor, one of the most fertile and populated areas of Mozambique, have been heavily affected by the arrival of large agricultural investments. More about the story here.

File number: FCC/2016/019

A Flanders Connects Continents research grant of  €10,000, allocated on 6 January 2016.


BoaventuraBoaventura Monjane is a Mozambican journalist. He has a degree in journalism (Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo). His journalistic – and analysis – work was published in Mozambique, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, France and Portugal. He was the Portuguese editor of Pambazuka News. He is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Coimbra (Portugal). His research areas include land, the agrarian questions and social movements.

Diogo Cardoso is an independent visual storyteller based in Lisbon, Portugal. With a background in Journalism, he has been involved in projects that range from music and narrative writing to photography and the pictorial possibilities of communication. In the past 12 years he has directed and produced high end imagery for TV and cinematic productions, travelDiogo Cardosoling and working in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Since 2014 he has been mainly focused in the field of documental cinema and investigative journalism, producing award-winning pieces in Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique published at the independent online newsmagazine Divergente.

EmmaEmma Lesuis is an independent filmmaker, writer, researcher and theater maker. She achieved a Master of Art at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, and is now based in Amsterdam, but travels far out from there. She focuses on documentary projects for television, online or in a theater. Currently she is working on her third short tv documentary, which is shot in Suriname, and on an online documentary series about democracy.

Cópia de Sofia da Palma Rodrigues 2Sofia da Palma Rodrigues is a Portuguese reporter, sometimes based in Lisbon, Portugal, other times based in Bissau, Guiné-Bissau. She has a master’s degree in Science Communication and has been working as journalist in Europe, Africa and Latin America for the last ten years. She mainly focuses on investigative and immersive journalistic pieces. Currently, she is a doctoral fellow in Post-colonial Studies at Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal, and works as an investigative reporter at the online newsmagine Divergente.



Land of plenty, land of but a few – Divergente, 5 August 2018


A história de como as terras mais férteis de Moçambique deixaram de ser exploradas pelos moçambicanos – Publico, 19 August 2018



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