Other journalism grants

An overview of other organisations, institutions and funds that hand out research grants for investigative journalism. The overview is a continuous work in progress, so we appreciate any further suggestions or remarks. Please e-mail us at info [at] journalismfund [dot] eu.


Above the Fray – USA 
For US radio journalists
The Above the Fray fellowship is designed to give a promising radio journalist the opportunity to cover important, but under-reported stories from a location abroad.
Alicia Patterson Foundation – USA
For US citizens who are fulltime print journalists, or non-US citizens who work fulltime for US print publications, either in America or abroad
The aim of the trustees who established the foundation was to improve the quality of US print journalism.
American Scandinavian Foundation – USA 
For citizens from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden 
The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers over $500,000 in funding to Scandinavians to undertake study or research programs in the United States.
Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) – Jordan
For reporters in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine, Tunis, and Bahrain
In-depth journalism projects for the benefit of the Arab public. ARIJ supports reporters with a good idea towards the execution of an investigative report based on fact and documentation, in accordance with strict guidelines and with the aim of shedding light on a problem, issue or phenomena affecting society.
Funded by Denmark.
Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute Reporting Award – USA
For all journalists except New York University (NYU) affiliates, NYU graduates with degrees dated 2011 and thereafter, and journalists holding staff positions at established media outlets that are in a position to fund such projects on their own
The award supports a work of journalism in any medium on significant underreported subjects in the public interest.
Backhoe Fund Föreningen Grävande Journalister – Sweden
For Swedish journalists
Backhoe Fund contributes to increase knowledge and skills by the grant to build a further education for journalists.
Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence – Serbia / the Balkans
For experienced journalists from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Greece and Serbia
To encourage regional networking among journalists and advance balanced coverage of topics that are central to the region as well as to the EU.
Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN)– The Balkans 
For journalists from targeted countries
BIRN works within the region to foster quality reporting, initiate regional networking among journalists and advance balanced coverage on topics that are central to the region as well as to the EU. Fellowship journalists receive training and editorial support from the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network’s team of editors, as well as a bursary of €2,000 and additional travel and research funding of up to €2,000.
Cancer World Journalists Grants – Global
For print, broadcast and new media journalists. Preference will be given to early- to mid-career journalists who are based in Europe and are freelancers
Cancer World Journalists Grant will enable a reporting project on a particular topic relating to cancer and was created in order to encourage high-quality reporting on cancer.
Central European Initiative (CEI) – CEI countries
For young writers under the age of 35 from non-EU countries (CEI)
The CEI Fellowship for Writers in Residence is an award aimed at encouraging cross-border cooperation and promotion in the field of literature. The winner will receive a cash award of € 5,000 for a three-month residence permit in any CEI Member State of the candidate’s choice.
Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative – World
For journalists between the ages of 22 and 38 from all around the world with experience in longform journalism and investigative background
Initiative to expose anti-Semitism, anti-Israel and other prejudices that threaten Jewish rights to dignity and self-determination.
Development Communications Network (Devcoms) – Africa 
Several projects for journalists and students in Africa
Devcoms is a media-development, capacity-building non-governmental organization coordinated by experienced development journalists. The organization is a product of series of development projects on media, health promotion, advocacy and capacity building in the Nigerian mass media and the civil society sector.
Dick Goldensohn Fund – World
For freelance journalists working on international stories
Investigative research and reporting grants for journalists from around the world.
The Dick Goldensohn Fund makes small grants covering research, reporting and travel costs
Earth Journalism Grants Fund – USA 
For journalists working on the human dimension of climate change
Particular attention should be given to how climate change affects vulnerable and marginalized communities.
Economic and Political Reporting from Southeast Europe – Europe
For journalists from Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey reporting on economic and political development of Southeast Europe
Initiated in 2007 by Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Up to 16 journalists from the Balkans are competitively chosen to participate the program. The program includes two courses of two weeks each, in Germany and in the UK respectively.
European Geoscience Union / EGU Science Journalism Fellowship Awards – Europe
For professional journalists interested in geoscience stories
The EGU Science Journalism Fellowships Awards innovative proposals to report on geoscientific research not yet in the public sphere. The award offers journalists the opportunity to follow geoscientists on location and to develop an in-depth understanding of their research questions, approaches, findings and motivation. The aim of the fellowship is to promote excellence in geoscience reporting.
Finnish Association for Investigative Journalism – Finland 
For journalists interested in investigative journalism 
The goal of the organization is to improve in-depth and critical journalism and to promote cooperation between journalists and encourage them to dig beneath surface.
Fonds Pour Le Journalisme – Belgium
For journalists interested in investigative journalism in the French speaking part of Belgium
Funded by the French speaking community in Belgium.
Fonds voor Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten – The Netherlands
For journalistic and other non-fiction projects including biographies that work on achieving quality results
For Dutch journalists and writers. Funded among others by SWJV and Communication Science Foundation.
French-American Foundation / The Immigration Journalism Fellowship – Global
For media professionals from around the world
The Immigration Journalism Fellowship aims to provide media professionals of all nationalities and working in all forms of media (web, print, documentary, photography, etc.) with the financial means to produce independent, responsible and challenging work on migration and integration.
Fund for Investigative Journalism – USA
For American journalists seeking pre-publication help for investigative projects
Stories that break new ground and expose wrongdoing – such as corruption, malfeasance, or misuse of power – in the public and private sectors.
Hate speech International – Norway 
For all media professionals with a project to investigate hate speech, hate crime and/or extremism
Hate Speech International is an independent network of journalists employing cooperative models of cross-border research into extremism, hate speech and hate crime. Their vision is to elevate the public understanding of extremism as a phenomenon and to increase the overall ability, knowledge and will of media organizations to report on such matters.
Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists – World 
For female journalists around the world
The Howard G. Buffett Fund promotes the work and advancing the role of women in the news media across the globe and is critical to transparency and a diversity of voices. Annual grant.
Institutt for Journalistikk – Norway 
For Norwegian journalists – various types of grants
Knowledge and research center for media practitioners. The aim is to increase the quality of Norwegian journalism.
International Journalism Fellowship  – Global
For international journalists who are interested to cover neglected, under-reported stories of global importance
International Journalism Fellowship is part of International Reporting Project. It offers various fellowships and reporting trips throughout the year.
International Media Support / Safety Fund – Denmark 
Provides support for journalists victimized as a direct result of their journalistic work
The Safety Fund is part of International Media Support and enables local media to reduce conflict, strengthen democracy and facilitate dialogue.
Investigate! E.V. – Germany
For German, Swiss and Austrian journalists who are interested in investigative journalism
The Investigative! E.V. supports investigative journalism and must be related to Germany.
Investigativ Recherche – Switzerland
For investigative journalists in Switzerland 
Koning Bouwedewijnstichting – Belgium
For Belgian journalists
Supports several (journalistic) projects in Belgium that has to do with norms and values in Belgium.
Mary Raftery Journalism Fund – Ireland
For journalists who are interested in investigative reporting on the refugee crisis
The Mary Raftery Journalism Fund was established to promote quality and ethical investigative journalism, focusing on important social issues in Ireland.
Mekong Matters Journalism Network – United States 
For national and international journalists covering environment and development issues
Mekong Matters supports several projects and coach journalists who report on development and the environment to tell the world about the region’s interconnected environmental crises.
Milena Jesenská Fellowship for Journalists – Europe
For European (cultural) journalists. Journalists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey are also eligible to apply
Milena Jesenskà Fellowship for Journalists offers journalists time off from their professional duties in order to pursue in-depth research on a topic of their choice
Applicants work may deal with societal issues of European relevance and must have worked in print, broadcast or online journalism for several years and must have an outstanding professional record.
Mongabay Reporting Network (MRN) – World
Various projects under the leadership of MRN for professional journalists around the world who are interested in environmental issues
Every two to three months, Mongabay will announce a new Special Reporting Initiative.
Netzwerk Recherche – Germany
For German journalists who are interested in investigative stories in the fields of environment and business with a special weight on research methods
Netzwerk Recherche supports also start-up projects in the non-profit journalism.
Nordic Council Journalism Stipends – Nordic countries
For all journalists from the Nordic countries
Supports research on Nordic countries and Nordic corporation. Funded by Nordisk Rad.
Norsk Journalistlag – Norway
For Norwegian journalists, photographers and illustrators
Editorial staff as well as freelancers who regularly deliver editorial material for dailies, weeklies or periodicals. Norsk Journalistlag supports several project for Norwegian journalists.
Ochberg Fellowship – USA
For journalists with at least five years’ experience working across all media
For journalists who wish to deepen their knowledge of emotional trauma and psychological injury, and improve reporting on violence, conflict and tragedy.
Otto Brenner Stiftung – Germany
For German journalists under the age of 30
The Otto Brenner Stiftung promotes critical journalism. Socially relevant subjects undermined by the media.
Pascal Decroos Fund – Flanders / Belgium
Research stipendia for investigative and qualitative journalism published in Flanders
Journalism with relevance for Flanders and published in Flanders. Funded by The Flemish Government.
Peter Boenisch Memorial Award – Germany 
For young print, television, and radio journalists who contribute on a better understanding between Germans and Russians
Annual grant of € 2.000.
Postcode Loterij Fonds voor journalisten – The Netherlands
For Dutch professional journalists, freelancers or employers
The Postcode Loterij Fonds supports journalists for in-depth stories about people, nature or the environment in the developing world, stories about international collaboration and stories about other subjects that are relevant in a just and green world.
Recherchepreis Osteuropa – Germany
For German journalists 
Grants that provide money for good journalists to partly cover research and production costs of time-consuming projects.
Reporting Grants for Women’s stories – Global 
For female journalists to pursue international stories of importance through gender-sensitive coverage of underreported topics
These grants will be a catalyst for reporting on untold stories surrounding issues that impact women and girls’ daily lives worldwide.
Reuters Fellowship – Global
For high achieving journalists with a minimum of five years’ experience
Improving the standards of International Journalism. The Fellowship Programme is at the core of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, drawing together journalists from all over the world and assisting high-calibre, mid-career journalists in their careers. The programme takes place in the United Kingdom.
Robert Bosch Stiftung – Global 
Several programs for journalists around the world
Projects that have to do with media, peace and the networking and promotion of science. Robert Bosh Stiftung provides continuing education for journalists in the form of seminars, information tours, meetings, research grants and study residencies.
Rory Peck Trust Freelance Assistance – Global
For international freelance journalists 
The Rory Peck Trust offers two types of grants: Rory Peck Training Fund and Assistance Grants that makes hostile environment training affordable for freelancers, enabling them to gain the skills and knowledge needed to work in difficult and dangerous environments.
Rudolf Augstein Stiftung – Germany
For freelance journalists and students in Germany
Supports investigative journalism.
Scoop – Denmark/Sweden 
For individuals, groups and cross-border groups of journalists. All subjects
Scoop is a network and supports structure for investigative journalists in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and the Caucasus region.
Simon Cumbers Media Fund- Ireland
For media organisations, media professionals or media students 
The aim of the Simon Cumbers Media Fund is to assist and promote more and better quality media coverage of development issues in the Irish media. Two rounds of funding are allocated every year: one in summer, and one in winter.
SKUP Award – Norway
For journalists in Norway who are interested in investigative journalism
SKUP regularly offers workshops and training in various investigative methods. SKUP hand out every year the SKUP Award for journalists.
Soma Foundation – Hungary
Investigative journalism in Hungary
Stiftung für Deutsch-Polnische Zusammenarbeit – Poland/Germany
For Polish, German journalists
The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation provides funds for Polish-German projects that are carried out by institutions from Poland or Germany with a partner from the other country and carries out its own projects.
Tanzania Media Foundation (TMF) – Tanzania
For journalists based in Tanzania and Zanzibar
Tanzania Media Foundation supports quality journalism that better informs the public, contributes to debate and thereby increases public demand for greater accountability across Tanzania. TMF focus on investigative journalism and public interest journalism.
The Innovation for Development Reporting Grant Programme – Netherlands
For journalistic coverage of issues related to global development and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals
The Innovation for Development Reporting Grant Programme (IDR) is a media-funding project by the European Journalism Centre (EJC) that aims to advance journalistic coverage of issues related to global development and the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. The grants will fund stories that think outside of the newsroom box and aim to achieve a new and distinctive agenda for development coverage.
The Investigative Fund – USA
For investigative journalists 
Support for the research costs associated with investigative journalism. The Fund emphasizes reporting on subjects often ignored by the mainstream media, and seeks to improve the scope and overall quality of investigative reporting in the independent press and beyond. Above all, they want to support reporting with the potential to have a social impact.
The Hungary Initiatives Foundation – USA 
For journalists who are interested in Hungarian culture
The Hungary Initiatives Foundation committed to strengthening the understanding and cooperation between Hungary and the Unites States of America. The Foundation mostly invests in long-term, multi-year, recurring programs of contact building, leadership training, education, culture, research cooperation building, and community organizing.
The Persephone Miel Fellowship – Global
For all journalists, writers, photographers, radio producers or filmmakers, staff journalists as well as freelancers and media professionals outside the U.S. who are seeking to report from their home country
The Persephone Miel Fellowship is intended to give non-native English speaking media professionals the opportunity to reach audiences beyond their home countries on critical under-reported issues. Annual grant
Timbuktu Foundation – Denmark
For national and international journalists
The aim is to promote journalism, develop education and inform about issues of development and the global South. Funded by Folkekirkens Noedhjaelp.

Multimedia journalism

Aftermath Project – USA
For working photographers worldwide covering the aftermath of conflict
The Aftermath Project is a non-profit organization committed to telling the other half of the story of conflict — the story of what it takes for individuals to learn to live again, to rebuild destroyed lives and homes, to restore civil societies, to address the lingering wounds of war while struggling to create new avenues for peace.
Alexia Foundation Grants – USA
For professional photographers and students from around the world
The Alexia Foundation offers production grants to give them the financial ability to produce substantial stories that drive change in the effort to make the world a better place. Students also get scholarship opportunities.
Bertha BRITDOC Documentary Journalism Fund – World
For filmmakers with a journalistic background or those who are collaborating with journalists
The Bertha BRITDOC Journalism Fund is an international film fund dedicated to supporting long form feature documentaries of a journalistic nature. “We are looking for films that break the important stories of our time, expose injustice, bring attention to unreported issues and cameras into regions previously unseen.
Blue Earth – USA
For photographers and filmmakers
Blue Earth sponsors documentary projects whose goal is to educate the public about critical environmental and social issues. We are primarily interested in work that is educational and informational in nature and will consider proposals of any geographic scope involving the photographic and motion picture mediums. Our standard contract sponsors the project for two years. Twice a year.
Burn Magazine Emerging Photographer Grant – USA
For all photographers who are 25 years or younger 
The Emerging Photographer Grant is designed to support continuation of a photographer’s personal project. The primary intent is to support emerging photographers who will become the icons of tomorrow. Annual grant.
Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award – World
For photojournalists who find themselves working on the frontline of different situations
Carmignac Gestion photojournalism Award invites documentary photographers and photojournalists from around the world to submit a long-term reportage on a particular theme. Annual grant.
Center Project Development Grant – USA
For photojournalists and documentary makers
The Project Development Grant offers financial support to fine art, documentary or photojournalist works-in-progress. The grant includes a cash award to help complete a project as well as platforms for feedback and professional development opportunities for the works final stages.
Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography – USA
For photojournalists in the USA
The W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography is presented annually to a photographer whose past work and proposed project, as judged by a panel of experts, follows the tradition of W. Eugene Smith’s concerned photography and dedicated compassion exhibited during his 45-year career as a photographic essayist.
Firecracker Photographic Grant – Europe
For European women photographers
The Firecracker Photographic Grant is an annual award providing funds for a female photographer to aid with the completion of a documentary photographic project. Annual grant.
Getty Images Grants – World
For photographers, filmmakers and content creators from around the world
Getty Images Grants goal is to enable photographers, filmmakers and content creators to bring attention to significant social and cultural issues, as well as to take new and inspiring strides in creative work. Various annual grants.
Imagely Fund – World
For professional and emerging photographers over the age of 21 worldwide
The Imagely Fund offers a $5000 grant to a photographer to help fund one humanitarian or environmental photography project each grant cycle. At the completion of the project, the grant winner becomes an Imagely Fellow for the calendar year from the announcement of his/her award until the announcement of the following year’s award.
Inge Morath Award – World
For women documentary photographers under the age of 30 from around the world
The annual Inge Morath Award is given to a woman photographer under thirty years of age, to assist in the completion of a long term documentary project. The winner and finalists are selected by the photographer members of Magnum Photos and a representative of the Morath Foundation at the Magnum annual meeting. Annual grant.
Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Photography Grant – World 
For photojournalists from around the world
This annual grant was created to encourage the betterment of humanity through the presentation of editorially-based imagery representing humanistic themes including human unrest, famine, disease, national and international politics, war, uprisings, injustice and triumph.
NPPA Short Grants – USA
For staff photographers and independent photographers living in the USA
The National Press Photographers Association is supporting the community photo story through the NPPA Short Grants and fights for the working news photographer, videographer and multimedia journalist in the Internet age. Various grants.
Open Society Foundation – World
For documentary photographers from around the world
Through the grant Open Society Foundations supports visual documentation of important human rights and social issues in the region and provide training and mentorship to local photographers. Several grants for political, cultural and social issues all over the world. Individual grants and organizational grants.
Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Grant – France
For professional photographers who wish to cover a social, economic, political or cultural issue in a journalistic manner
The Award is given in order to allow the winner to produce a story that has never been told but that the photographer cannot find support for within the media.
The DIG Awards (Documentari Inchieste Giornalismi) – Europe
For national and international freelancers, videomakers, staff journalists, photographers, television networks, daily newspapers, agencies, distributors, associations, cooperatives and institutions operating in the field of new media and training
DIG provides specialized training for media professionals. The DIG Awards reward journalistic excellence and encourage the work of reporters who use video in investigating.
The Printing Charity – United Kingdom 
For people working in printing, publishing, packaging or graphic arts between the age of 18 and 30 based in the United Kingdom
The Print Futures Awards were launched in 2003 to help people fund costs associated with a relevant training course in printing, publishing, packaging or graphic arts.
Unesco’s Free flow of ideas by word and image – World
For professional photographers from all over the world
UNESCO is looking for images that illustrate journalists working in different situations, for example, international and/or local journalists covering demonstrations, trials, major public events, investigations on corruption, citizen journalists, journalists  embedded with police or the military, journalists reporting from a conflict zone, journalists in protected vehicles or in front of media houses with protection or any other case in which journalists, including women reporters, are at work in sensitive situations.
Updated 17 March 2017 by Ihsane Rahmoune

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