Refugees vs. hate speakers in Central Europe

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After a far-right supporter shot six African migrants in Italy, a headline on the Slovak news website Hlavne Spravy explained the tragedy as a retaliation for a murder of an Italian woman by a Nigerian man.

Hlavne Spravy is one of the media outlets which claim to provide an alternative to “the biased” “pro-American” mainstream media information. Often labelled as pro-Russian, they are generally small and run by only a couple of people. However, their reach is significant thanks to the social media and a loyal community that actively shares their stories.

In Central Europe, these media outlets dominate the debate on the refugee crisis and set the tone that is disproportionately negative.

An international team of journalists investigates how big is the influence of the anti-system media in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary and what motivates the people who run them.

File number: JA/JA2A/2016/332

A cross-border research grant of  €7,7000, allocated on 3 July 2016.


Mira GalanovaMira Galanova is a Slovak investigative journalist specialising in human rights and citizen security in Europe and Latin America. Apart from the European migrant crisis, she has covered the absence of justice for the victims of Spain’s dictatorship, bloody conflicts over indigenous lands in Chile and Nicaragua and the peace process in Colombia.

Mira’s freelance work has been published in the BBC, the Guardian, Al Jazeera, the Washington Post and New Internationalist among others. Follow Mira on Twitter @haluzky.

Helene BienvenuHelene Bienvenu is a multilingual (photo)journalist. She’s a graduate from the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris (with an additional degree in the Hungarian language), Helene is the author of several guidebooks published in France on Central & Eastern Europe and beyond. She has been working as a Central European-Budapest based correspondent for French and English speaking media since 2010. She collaborates with The New York Times from Budapest and she’s been reporting on Poland for La Tribune de Genève and other outlets. She co-released a transmedia documentary on Detroit’s Do It Yourself featuring 3 short movies: Link to Helene’s photography work:

Follow Helene on Twitter @bienvenuLN



Slovakia – the latest front in the alt-right EU infowar – EUObserver, 3 July 2018

En Pologne, les jeunes ultra-patriotes tissent leur Toile – Cafe Babbel, 12 September 2018

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