Brigitte Alfter talked about ‘How to put collaborative journalism into practice’ at the International Journalism Festival (Perugia)

Our managing editor, Brigitte Alfter, spoke about ‘How to put collaborative journalism into practice’ in Perugia on April 14th.

Stories don’t stop at national borders. More collaboration in the field of journalism is essential, as topics like global crime, climate change, or migration affect people, regions and economies across the world. A story that spans multiple countries and continents requires journalists from the affected regions to work together to highlight the story’s many facets. It’s also increasingly necessary to make voices and stories from underrepresented regions heard around the globe. But how can journalists create and foster these cross-border collaborations? Where do they start if they haven’t reached out beyond their newsroom before? And what are potential effects of this type of collaboration on the transnationalization of public spheres? This workshop will discuss exciting new research in the field of cross-border/collaborative journalism in Europe and the U.S. and will offer practical approaches that can be learned and used by anyone. Speakers will discuss best practices and knowledge gained through both research and experience: With a hands-on approach to enable exchange between the speakers and attendees, this session will provide new methods and approaches that journalists can use to find the stories that need to be told and reach out to potential sources and collaborators across the world. Con: Brigitte Alfter (managing editor, Tabea Grzeszyk (co-founder and CEO, Annett Heft (Institute for Media and Communication Studies), Stefanie Murray (director Center for Cooperative Media), Stefanie Murray

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