PRESS RELEASE: EIJC & Dataharvest Conference to become an independent organisation

  PRESS RELEASE Zellik (Belgium), Tuesday 18 September 2018  The EIJC & Dataharvest Conference becomes an independent organisation On 10 September 2018, the board of has decided to make The European Investigative Journalism Conference (EIJC) & Dataharvest a stand-alone venture in its own right, fully independent from With this decision will also be able… Continue reading PRESS RELEASE: EIJC & Dataharvest Conference to become an independent organisation

The Money Trail Project

Conducting and delivering journalistic illicit finance investigations takes time. It can be technically difficult, complex, legally sensitive and on occasion, dangerous. Then there’s the question of getting your piece published.  Editors quite rightly take a lot of convincing before they run corruption and tax avoidance tales whether written by their own staff or freelancers. It’s… Continue reading The Money Trail Project

Dig Into Public Spending – with Elvis

NEW WORKING GRANT! EU member states’ governments spend billions of euros every year to buy services from private companies. Who are these companies? How many tenders do they win? Are they active across borders? Get time and money to dig into this with this working grant. It is for journalists from the countries of the… Continue reading Dig Into Public Spending – with Elvis

Deadline European Cross-border grants

We are pleased to announce the next upcoming deadline for's European cross-border grants.  Investigative journalists from across Europe who are planning a transnational collaborative story are invited to apply for a working grant. Teams consisting of at least two journalists from different European countries can apply for research grants for a cross-border story until 20… Continue reading Deadline European Cross-border grants

The story behind our story

Ruben Brugnera and Michael Merrigan are freelance journalists and former students of the International Research Journalism programme, organised by at Thomas More Journalism School, Mechelen. How do you get started with an international investigative project? Where do you get financial resources and how do you convince the established media to publish your story? With… Continue reading The story behind our story