The Money Trail Project

Conducting and delivering journalistic illicit finance investigations takes time. It can be technically difficult, complex, legally sensitive and on occasion, dangerous. Then there’s the question of getting your piece published.  Editors quite rightly take a lot of convincing before they run corruption and tax avoidance tales whether written by their own staff or freelancers. It’s… Continue reading The Money Trail Project

The story behind our story

Ruben Brugnera and Michael Merrigan are freelance journalists and former students of the International Research Journalism programme, organised by at Thomas More Journalism School, Mechelen. How do you get started with an international investigative project? Where do you get financial resources and how do you convince the established media to publish your story? With… Continue reading The story behind our story

Refugees vs. hate speakers in Central Europe

After a far-right supporter shot six African migrants in Italy, a headline on the Slovak news website Hlavne Spravy explained the tragedy as a retaliation for a murder of an Italian woman by a Nigerian man. Hlavne Spravy is one of the media outlets which claim to provide an alternative to "the biased” “pro-American” mainstream… Continue reading Refugees vs. hate speakers in Central Europe

The Top 100 European Places Where Dieselgate Kills the Most

Excess diesel emissions produce a tiny portion of harmful dusts. Yet, they cause dozens of deaths in Europe’s highly populated road traffic hotspots. The fact that they have such a high health impact despite their relatively small contribution to overall pollution reveals how seriously air contamination threatens our lives. In Europe, more than a third… Continue reading The Top 100 European Places Where Dieselgate Kills the Most